It doesn’t matter how far away you are and what extras you want – I’m sure we can make a deal! Thanks for your interest in my 1937 Dodge D7 Police Car! From large events to personal rides (birthdays, etc.), we’ll do our best to accommodate you and your budget! Please let me know if you represent a non-profit organization or LEO agency when we communicate! – Richard*

0-15 miles

If you’re close to Cleburne, Texas, I just ask for a reimbursement for gas (receipt provided). Tips are appreciated, though!

16-40 miles

A bit farther away requires more gas and time. The charge is a $75 deposit and $75 after services rendered plus any extras that you’d like (props, etc). Tips are always appreciated!

41-100+ miles

This is the long haul! This requires a deposit of $150 and $100 after services rendered plus gas (receipt provided). If you’d like any extras, we can talk about that, too! (Props, etc.) Tips are welcome!


Prop extras include: Two Mickey Thompson “Tommy” Guns, one of which is wooden and the other is a reproduction, one shotgun (also not real) and two sets of handcuffs – Add $35 to the base fee

Presentation extra: The owner can make his appearance in a generic sheriff’s uniform to make your event seem more authentic (Richard does not claim to be a law enforcement officer…this is just for fun) – Add $50 to the base fee

Professional Photos: If you want to have some good-lookin’ pictures to commemorate your event or occasion, we can provide that for $5 per photo. Discount available for large groups


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*Richard Borisenko makes NO CLAIM to be a past or present law enforcement officer. The purpose of the car is to entertain and to further help build police-community relationships.

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