It doesn’t matter how far away you are and what extras you want – I’m sure we can make a deal! Thanks for your interest in my 1937 Dodge D7 Police Car! Please let me know if you represent a non-profit organization or LEO agency when we communicate! – Richard*

0-15 miles

If you’re close to Cleburne, Texas, I just ask for a reimbursement for gas (receipt provided). Tips are appreciated, though!

16-40 miles

A bit farther away requires more gas and time. The charge is a $75 deposit plus gas charges over $75 (receipt provided) and any extras that you’d like (props, etc). Tips are always appreciated!

41-100+ miles

This is the long haul! I require a deposit of $150, and will charge you for any gas used that totals over $150 (receipt provided). If you’d like any extras, we can talk about that, too! (Props, etc.) Tips are welcome!


Prop extras include: Two Mickey Thompson “Tommy” Guns, one of which is wooden and the other is a reproduction, one shotgun (also not real) and two sets of handcuffs – Add $20 to the base fee

Presentation extra: The owner can make his appearance in a generic sheriff’s uniform to make your event seem more authentic (Richard does not claim to be a law enforcement officer…this is just for fun) – Add $20 to the base fee


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*Richard Borisenko makes NO CLAIM to be a past or present law enforcement officer. The purpose of the car is to entertain and to further help build police-community relationships.

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