About the Car

The ’37 Next to a Cleburne PD Tahoe – Past Meets Present

The Backstory:

The owner of the car, Richard Borisenko*, feels like he was meant to own this car. Though he’s never worked in law enforcement, something kept nagging at him after he saw this particular vehicle.

“I was in trouble with the police a lot when I was younger. They helped me out by letting me sit in the back seat,” Richard laughed. “After that, I met a man who was a minister and I turned my life over to Christ, and completely did a U-turn in my life,” he said.

“After I saw this car, I couldn’t sleep at night. I was tossing and turning, thinking about it, because I really liked the body style. I thought it had a lot of class,” he added. “I had never intended to keep the police parts – the siren and light, etc.”

“The car was pretty rough looking. All of the windows were broke out. The hood was white. The trunk lid was white. It had no obvious chrome on it whatsoever. So we drove down the road, and it drove real good, so I thought the car had good potential,” Richard explained.

The car was delivered to Richard by its former owner, escorted by a Sheriff Deputy. The former owner got emotional about selling it, and the deputy’s girlfriend couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the car was. “It was at that moment I changed my mind, and decided to keep the police accessories on the car,” Richard said.

He has spent many months and dollars since 2014 restoring the car to its former glory. It runs a 318 Dodge engine, a 913 transmission with 430 gear, and the under chassis is mostly parts from 1970, due to the rarity of 1937 Dodge parts. He keeps two dummies in the back seat (Bonnie and Clyde) and some fun props, such as wooden Tommy guns, to make each visit more authentic, should the customer request it.

The car has won numerous awards, which are outlined in the News and the Gallery Pages.

When Richard isn’t working or showing off the car, he speaks to groups about his journey from a troubled youth to Christianity.

*Richard Borisenko makes NO CLAIM to be a past or present law enforcement officer. The purpose of the car is to entertain and to further help build police-community relationships.

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