After falling into a bad life as a teen and young adult, Richard Borisenko turned his life over to Christ. Now, he uses his Servant Heart and Spirit to give what he can to anyone in need, as well as to share his story at churches and to groups around North Texas.

He restored a 1937 Dodge Police Car and goes to Law Enforcement Supporter events with it, allowing folks to take pictures as well as look and/or climb in it. For fun, he puts two half-mannequins in the back seat to represent Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and has several wooden “Tommy guns” to represent the outlaws of the time. The kids love it and have a chance to learn about these vicious criminals.

Richard is so pleased to have the car available for Law Enforcement Agency fundraisers and events, and even had custom magnets made so that the car looks like a local police car – there are even “bullet holes” in the magnets.

Rich restored and maintains the car himself, as well as having the magnets and “challenge coins” made when agencies need them – all at his expense. To see more photos, visit the GALLERY.

Recently, Richard was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and is now fighting for his life. 

He has been such a blessing to so many agencies, organizations, and the general public with his willingness to help out and his servant’s heart. Now, it’s time to ask YOU to be a blessing to Rich, as his medical bills are stacking up. He is relying on God and your generosity to give him a hand. 

He has been a light in the darkness for so many…can you please be a light for him?

Any amount is appreciated, and if you’re reading this and cannot help financially, that’s okay. Times are tough. Every dollar helps, but prayers are welcome, too!!

Thank you and God bless you!

GoFundMe Campaign:

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